Okay, here's the deal...

I'm an independent filmmaker struggling to make a feature
film in Hollywood. Unfortunately, I don't have a rich uncle,
or any influential friends who can help open doors to finding
money for my film. I'd like to be able to make my movie,
my way, and in this city of sharks, that's a hard thing to do.

Then I got an idea - perhaps I could rely on the generosity of
strangers. Maybe, just maybe, people would be willing to give
me money - a dollar here, five there - with no expectation of
anything in return, save for that warm feeling of knowing that
they are contributing to the act of creation by enabling me to
create my art. So here we are at

I figure I can make my movie for $20,000, I can make it well
for $200,000, and I can make it spectacular for $2,000,000.
That means, that if only 4,000 people each donate $5, I've
got a movie! Seems worth a try. Now just to be clear - and to
keep this legal - I am NOT seeking investors. Your donation
is a gift. You get nothing in return from me - no product, no
merchandise, no tax break, no percentage of anything.

The only promise I make is the following:

The money donated to me through this website will ONLY be used
for the purpose of making my movie, and NOTHING ELSE.

If you're still with me, and feel like helping me out, click on the button.


Money collected as of 1/1/08:    $22.00

I'll keep a blog of my progress once this thing gets rolling.

Questions? You can email me at